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History of Dist. 329

A walk down the pages of history of District 329 by PDC Basabi Mitra

Inner Wheel movement started in the eastern part of our country in 1961with the formation of Inner Wheel Club of South West Calcutta. Late Mrs.Arati Dutta was the founder President and Mrs.Roja Bradney was founder Secretary of this club. The club was inaugurated by the then Dist.Governor Rtn.Rahim Khan of Bangladesh (then Bangladesh was in RI District 325, which is now Dist.3291) on 21st August, 1961. The Charter was presented by DG Rtn.Karim.

Inner Wheel Club of South Calcutta, Darjeeling and Guahati were formed within few years.

In 1976, the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and Bangladesh were formed under the leadership of Association President of Mrs.Raksha Mehta ; our Inner Wheel District 329 was formed in 1977 with 4 Clubs – South West Calcutta, South Calcutta, Darjeeling and Guahati. Mrs.Arati Srimal was the founder District Chairman and Mrs.Purnima Choudhury was the founder District Secretary.

IWC Calcutta Mid Town was the 5th Inner Wheel Club in our District which was formed by PDC Mrs.Gyan Swarup and she brought out the first Chairman’s Newsletter. Our members attended all the Triennial Conferences starting from 2nd Triennial which was held at Bhopal.

During the tenure of  DC Sumi Agrawal (1984-85) the thrust was on consolidation of existing clubs. For the first time a mega fund raising was held to create a very healthy bank account for the District. The bifurcation of Bangladesh into a new Dist.(328) happened .An Assn Council meeting was hosted by our Dist.

The District never looked back many clubs were formed in India and Bangladesh. Most of the Clubs in Bangladesh were  formed under  the  leadership of  PDC Mrs.Dhara Roy.  The District got bifurcated in the tear 1992 – 1993  and District 324 was formed. District 328 in Bangladesh was also formed.

Several times Association Council Meetings were also hosted at the tenure of :  District Chairman Mrs.Sumi Agrawal ( 1984 -85) District Chairman Mrs.Madhulekha Sen (1992 – 93) District Chairman Mrs.Shubhalakshmi Roy Choudhury (1996-97)

At the tenure of Past District Chairman Madhulekha Sen (1992-93), Dr.(Mrs) Lalita Seth became the Association President from our District 329 who was installed by IPAP Mrs.Asha Bajaj at a glittering ceremony at Taj Bengal. The installation programme was attended by the delegates from almost all the IW Districts of our Association, Rotarians, guests including Past International President Mrs.Minna Kapoor who lit the lamp and delivered her powerful speech. Next day  our District also hosted the 1st Executive Committee Meeting of Association.

During the tenure of District Chairman  Mrs.Vijaya Mohan (1993-94) the District organised a Multi District Intercity Meet. International President Mrs.Anita Agarwal attended this programme as our chief guest and she was felicitated in a befitting manner.

Silver Jubilee Celebration was held in the year 2002 -2003 when the District Chairman was Mrs.Shikha Sanyal. This grand celebration was graced by Association President Mrs.Geetha Padmanaban.

During the the tenure of District Chairman Mrs.Basabi Mitra (2004-05) a Multi District Intercity Meet was held to celebrate Golden Jubilee of Inner Wheel in India.      

PDC Mrs.Vijaya Mohan served as Association Secretary in 1994 – 95. She also served as Deputy National Representative in 1999 – 2000. Dr.(Mrs) Bhabani Dhar has been elected as the Association Secretary for the year 2008-09. In her tenure as Chairman, our District hosted the “District Chairmen’s Training Institute” at     Kolkata. The District website was launched when Dr.Bhabani became the Chairman.

District Chairman Mrs.Rupa Mukherjee (2012-13) organized East Zone Seminar “Synergy” which was a interactive training programme. Association Office Bearers and members of neighboring Districts attended this Seminar.

PDC Mamta Agarwal has added another feather to our Dist. She has been elected as Assn. Vice President for the year 2014-15 during the tenure of District Chairman Mrs.Chandrika Banerjee (2013-14). She however took the office during the tenure of PDC Saswati Dutta. This will give our District a great opportunity  to host the 14th Triennial conference in  2015-16 in Calcutta for the first time.

2015 witnessed Mamta Agarwal as the Association President of Inner Wheel Clubs in India. She was installed at the Vedic Village by IPAP Mrs.Rashmi Sharma,during the tenure of District Chairman Mrs.Saswati Dutta. 

The 5th of February 2016, witnessed a momentous event  which unfurled in the Science city Auditorium. Inner Wheel members from 27 Districts of India and very many members from abroad were present for this Triennial Conference. The Chief Guest was International President Charlotte De Vos.

This is the first time that the Eastern Region of India got the opportunity to host the prestigious Triennial Conference. It must be noted that a Team excels when it has a leader who Excels in leadership qualities. Our Association President Mamta Agarwal played this key role to perfection.

Today,our District 329 will be mentioned in the pages of history for hosting the scintillating Triennial2016.

What came to the forefront was the Multi talented members of our District who geared up to make the conference a grand success. This will be an occasion to remember and take as an example as future Triennial conference.

 It was a proud occasion for all in District 329 when Chairman Mamta Gupta was elected as Association Treasurer for the year 2016-17.

First time in our District, ‘Sports Meet’ was introduced and organised by District Chairman Mrs.Jayshree Paul Chowdhury (2016-17) in Gitanjali Stadium, Kolkata. In the presence of Association President Mrs.Prabha Raghunandan and all IW Clubs of District 329 participated in this meet. 

Amongst many wonderful projects done by District Chairman Vinny Kandhary ( 2017-18 ) “Foot Print – The East Zone Seminar” is most memorable event. This was attended by Association President and Association EC.70 delegates from District 302, 315, 324,325 and 326 attended this Zonal Meet.

It is a great year for our District as PDC Mamta Gupta has added another feather to our Dist. She has been elected as Assn.Vice President for the year 2018-19 and installed during the tenure of District Chairman Indrani Chatterjee.

2019 witnessed “MERAKI”, installation of Mamta Gupta as the Association President of Inner Wheel Clubs in India at the Oberoi Grand by IPAP Mrs.Smita Pingale, during the tenure of District Chairman Mrs.Indrani Chatterjee.

Another feather in the cap of District 329 as PAP Mamta Gupta adorned the office of  IIW Board Director in 2021-22 .

 The most unique feature is, three sisters Mrs.Sarbani Ghosh (1990-91) Dr.Shibani Das (1999-2000) and Dr.Bhabani Dhar  (2007-08)  became District Chairman from this District 329. 

The PDC Forum of Dist.329 was formed in the  year 2015-16 with PDC Sumi Agarwal as  President & PDC Chandrika Banerjee as the Secretary and it continues as under: 

2016-17 & 2017-18 – President PAP /PIIWR Dr. Lalita Seth, Secretary PDC Saswati Dutta                                                                                                                                           

2018-19 – President PDC Madhulekha Sen & Secretary PDC Jayshree Paul Chowdhury                                                                                                                                               

2019-20 & 2020-21 – President PAS Vijaya Mohan & Secretary Vinny Kandhari                                                                                                                                                   

2021-22 – President PAP Mamta Agarwal & Secretary PDC Indrani Chatterjee

2022-23 – President PDC Sushmita Sarkar & Secretary PDC Dr. Ruchi Gupta 


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