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District Chairman

Anita Ghosh
District Chaiman


Anita the youngest of two daughters, was born in a household, where her parents believed that Charity begins at home. From her childhood she has witnessed her parents helping the needy and the unfortunate from very close .Her husband Dr. Siddhartha  Ghosh , is a very magnanimous person , who indulges in philanthropic work himself. He has sponsored the education of many children from poverty stricken households. They have the satisfaction of having one of their prodigies as a headmaster in a primary school and another a teacher in Bombay.

Anita did her schooling from Loreto, a reputed missionary school in Kolkata.

Studied English as major in Lady Brabourne College. After the birth of her children she also studied Montessori.

A sporty person , she has won many medals n accolades in various sports , in table Tennis , badminton, basketball and races and relays both in college and school
 She is  a Director of Fortune Multi Speciality Hospital.

Anita was Inducted in Inner Wheel in 2004 and the very next year became the club secretary.

In 2007 served as the President of her club that of IWC Calcutta Old City…..which had only 24 members. From day one her aim was to reach the half century mark as quickly as possible. Today her club boasts of 51 very dedicated members.

As a Club president in 2007-8 , on World Peace Day she organised a walk with 206 members , who walked a 3 kilometre stretch, which culminated in a street corner meeting  and an awareness seminar on “Say no to plastic” which was attended by the honourable Mayor Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya, actor Chiranjeet, Dipali Sinha, First Lady Mountaineer from Bengal and many Environmentalists.

She initiated the Drug rehabilitation project with The Genesis Foundation, which later  became a joint project. She also started work with Loknath Bidhyasram  and Thalasaemia,a continuous project for the last 12 years. She had  also motivated her club to take care of late Past District Chairman  Dhara Roy , who stayed in a senior Citizen home in Amtala,  till her very end.

Anita has been the emcee of Charter Day Presentation of her club, for 10 glorious years. Has also been the convenor for  District Assembly in  2008.

She has been the emcee  for various other programmes in Inner Wheel and Nandonick Prayash.

She entered the District  in 2014.

As the District ISO , she won the  best  ISO award at Anindita , in Delhi , on the occasion of 60 years of Inner Wheel in India. As a District ISO she had organised three fund raising exhibitions for the District and was nicked named the Exhibition Queen. The exhibitions helped to raise funds not only for the district activities  but also for the 14th  triennial  Conference held in Kolkata, in 2015 As District Editor, she had the honour & privilege  of being an aide to International Inner Wheel President  Charlotte de Vos (2014-15) .She also played the role of knowledgable tour guide not only to Charlotte de Vos , but also to some of the international delegates.

Anita has attended several zonal meets, Installation of Association Presidents of Inner Wheel Clubs in India,South  Asian  Rally in Kerala and Malaysia, Triennials in Benaras, Hyderabad and Kolkata. She has also registered for the 18th IIW Convention.

Reciting poems is her favourite past time and has also recited  on stage on several occasions.

Anita has been invited to judge cooking competitions and has also won prizes in many such competitions herself.

Anita is an avid traveller, a naturalist, a keen photo grapher, glob trotter, an inherent good cook who loves to experiment and an efficient home maker. She is adventurous to the core and nothing is impossible for her.

Anita is a naturalist and to follow her passion she is also a member of Centre for Ecological Movement. She loves watching birds ; one of her favourite past time is to photograph birds and recognise a bird by its call .In general she is an animal lover ,mad about tigers , frequently  visits various jungles in India  with her husband and friends.

 She is passionate about dogs and feeds the stray dogs in her locality with love and alacrity.
Her husband Siddhartha , is a practicing Surgeon , with his own hospital. He is the most indulgent  and understanding husband , a wild life photographer and shares their love for travelling. Her elder son Arindam , presently resides in North Carolina , USA, is an engineer from IIT Kharagpur , with a degree in Aerospace engineering and a double masters  from Old Dominion  & Virginiatec.  Presently he is working in Acent Bio Nano Technologies, Raleigh, USA.

Younger son Arjun, graduated from Presidency  College with economics honours and pursued his masters from  Indian Statistical Institute , Delhi  . He now works in Nielson as a senior manager .

Her family would be incomplete without mentioning her four legged son, a black Labrador,on whom she dotes on While asked to write about herself comparing herself with an object from nature, Anita penned:

I’m a bright little sunflower
Oozing love in every bower.
Swinging in the air,
I spread happiness and good cheer,
I’m a bundle of energy ,
Makes everyone happy and chirpy.
Epitome of strength and longevity
Honesty and integrity are my speciality.
When things go wrong , and it’s not very sunny,
I turn to my inner self to make things funny and balmy.
I produce, food, oil ,medicine and dye
Even when it’s time to say good bye.

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